Izakaya BAKU is the only Japanese-style Yakiniku restaurant in Pattaya

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Sumibiyaki (BBQ) Menu

Our BBQ uses charcoal fire with a lava plate.
This makes the selected meat, seafood, and vegetables even more tasty.

Beef Set      700B

Short Rid, Loin, Skirt, and Assorted Vegetables
Savor the best beef from Korat, Thailand, "Thai French"Recommended

Organ Meat Set      600B

Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Liver, and Assorted Vegetables
Assorted beef innards for 2-3 persons. Recommended

Seafood Set     300B

Assorted fresh seafood.
You can enjoy grilling these with our lava plate or net, depending on how you like them.Recommended

Pork Organ Meat-Pot     300B

It's great doing hot pots in hot Pattaya.

Chicken Set     300B

Thai chicken are soft and juicy!

Seafood Hot-pot     350B

Right from the sea near Pattaya. Great to add rice or noodles at the end.

Pork Set     320B

It's as good as beef and chicken. Why don't you try all of them after all??

Lava Plate Yakiniku (BBQ)

Beef Set Organ meat Set Pork Set
Chicken Set Mushroom Set Vegetable Set
Japanese Beef Ribulose Japanese Beef Short Rid Japanese Beef Loin
Special Skirt Tongue Short rid
Loin Skirt Tongue with Green Onion
Liver Large intestine Small intestine
Pork Back Ribs Pork Loin Fatty Pork from Cheek
Pork Organ Meat Chicken Breast Chicken Fillet
Chicken Thigh Chicken Gizzards Pork Bacon
Pork Sausage

Sumibiyaki (Charcoal Fire Grill)

Seafood Set Shrimp Japanese Squid
Scallop Mackerel Salmon
Salmon belly Hokke fish Capelin
Horse Mackerel Half Dried Sardine  


Seafood Hot-Pot Longtooth grouper-Pot Tofu and Vegetable Hot-Pot
Pork Organ Meat-Pot Beef Organ Meat-Pot(add hotpot)