Izakaya BAKU is the only Japanese-style Yakiniku restaurant in Pattaya

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Our Appetizers (Izakaya Menu)

Sashimi, Fish, Deep fried dishes, Stir-fries, and other small dishes...you can take your time to choose and enjoy our authentic cookings.
We also provide "Beef Liver Sashimi" which is no longer available in Japan now.

Beef Liver Sashimi     200B

You can't have this in Japan anymore! Must try.

Simmered Beef Giblets     130B

Our most popular dish of all times. Incredibly soft innards you will enjoy.Recommended

Dumplings     100B

We wrap each piece with our hearts.

SASHIMI Set     400B~

Straight from the fish market! Worth a try.

Assortment of TEMPURA     250B

Crispy and juicy! Our tempura is so good you would want it again.

Deep Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce     150B

Deep fried soft chicken breast with tasty sauce is the best match!

Roasted Organ Meats on a hot plate(with Green Onion & Vegetables)      150B

Another way to enjoy the innards.


SASHIMI Set Tuna sashimi Yellowtail sashimi
Salmon sashimi Deep-water Shrimp sashimi Octopus sashimi
Vinegared Mackerel sashimi Squid sashimi Boiled Krab Paste

Fish Dishes

Grilled Mackerel Teriyaki Grilled Pacific Saury Grilled Salmon
Grilled Japanese Squid Grilled Squid with Butter Simmered Mackerel with MISO sauce

A la carte Dishes

Beef Liver Sashimi Boiled Soybeans (Edamame) Japanese Pickles
Cold Tofu Octopus with WASABI Cucumber with Unrefined Soy Sauce
Sliced Fresh Tomato Simmered beef Giblets Simmered beef Giblets with Tofu
Pork Boild with Soy Sauce Marinated Century Egg Korean Pickles Kimuchi
Salted Squid Fresh Egg with Grated Yam Tuna Sashimi with Yam
Yam-Potato Thin Cut Squid Sashimi with NATTO Spuid sashimi with Seasoned Cod Roe
Deep Fried Tofu Fried Eggplant with Grated Radish Tuna (soy sauce) with Garlic
Marinated Octopus Plain Omelet Chinese Chiva Omelet
Dumplings Hamburg Tomato Omelet
NATTO Omelet    

Deep-fried Dishes

Assortment of TEMPURA Prawn TEMPURA Vegetable TEMPURA
Pork Cutlets with MISO Sauce Pork Cutlets on Skewer Pork Cutlets
Deep Fried Squid Egg Coated Pork Cutlets Deep Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce
Deep Fried Chiken Deep Fried Wing Deep Fried Gristle
Deep Fried Octopus Fried Bitter Melon French Fries

Stir-fried Dishes

Roasted Organ Meats on a hot plate (with Green Onion & Vegetables) Roasted Organ Meats on a hot plate (with Green Onion & Mushrooms) Roasted organ meats on a hot plate (with Nagoya Miso & Vegetables)
Liver & Chinese Chivge Beef Uterus & Celery Fried Gizzards
Asparagus & Bacon Goya(Bitter Melon) Mix Grilled Sweet and Sour Pork
Pork & Kimchi Grilled Tofu and Sour Soup Vegetables & Pork Grilled