ALLPATTAYA Please check befor you proceed to booking.


How to Order

Please follow the steps indicated as below. The reservation system will require you to register as a member if it is your first time.

3 STEPS for Reservation

STEP 1 Click on the route and rate you would like to make a booking. If there is no desired route, you may select "Others" from the top page of All Pattaya Reservation. You can then create your own route to fit your requirements.
STEP 2 When you are done, make sure all the information you provided is correct, then click "BOOK" on the bottom of the page. The system will automatically send you an email to inform you that the booking has been made sucessfully. If the email is not received, your email address may not be correct. Once you receive the automated email, please wait for a few hours to 24 hours. Our staff will check the availability of drivers then send you a confirmation email with a voucher.
STEP 3 There are cases where the price on your voucher and Reservation System may not be the same. Please note the price indicated on our System is the standard price, and does not include additional charges for specific location or time. The correct amount will be on your voucher. Once you receive your confirmation email, please log into MY PAGE then check the payment method. Once you confirm all the information, you should be able to see your voucher and official receipt on MY PAGE. Please note we might change the car type depending on the number of luggages or people then we will issue the voucher. Voucher and receipt can be viewed and printed on MY PAGE.

How to Modify/Cancel Your Reservation

Modify Your Reservation Cancel your reservation from MY PAGE, and make your booking again.
Cancel Your Reservation Log into MY PAGE, check your reservation and click cancel button. Confirmation email will be sent to you shortly.
If you want to make any changes on your reservation in less than 24 hours of the pick-up time, you will need to give us a call as the system cannot process. There will be additional handling charges if you need to make sudden changes.