ALL PATTAYA for Airport Taxi/Limousine Services


ALL PATTAYA offers transportation from/to Airport, Bangkok, and Pattaya!

We provide safe and reasonably priced taxi/limo service 24/7.

■Late night and early morning pick-ups available!
No buses operate during late night to early morning. Hotels do have transportation services but most of the time are quite pricey. Not only that, many of the local taxi drivers try to rip you off or take you to places that you never asked for. Price negotiation is a lot of work to start with. We often hear about tourists charged awfully high price or are dropped off at undesired places where they don't even know where they are at.

■Services We Provide
We have a support office in case of any left belongings or finding the meeting spot. Normally if you lose something in a taxi it is impossible to find them, but ALL PATTAYA has a control over every single driver so we can track what is lost in time.

Special Offers for Roundtrips - book a roundtrip at once and you can enjoy special rates

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya / Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Sedan
  • 2000B
  • Sedan VIP
  • 2400B
  • Wagon
  • 2800B
  • Mini Bus
  • 3800B
  • Mini Bus VIP
  • 4700B
  • Bangkok to Pattaya / Pattaya to Bangkok
  • Sedan
  • 2700B
  • Sedan VIP
  • 3100B
  • Wagon
  • 3500B
  • Mini Bus
  • 4700B
  • Mini Bus VIP
  • 5300B
  • Bangkok to Pattaya / Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Sedan
  • 2200B
  • Sedan VIP
  • 2600B
  • Wagon
  • 3000B
  • Mini Bus
  • 4200B
  • Mini Bus VIP
  • 4800B
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya / Pattaya to Bangkok
  • Sedan
  • 2500B
  • Sedan VIP
  • 2900B
  • Wagon
  • 3300B
  • Mini Bus
  • 4400B
  • Mini Bus VIP
  • 5000B
  • ■How to Order
    Special Rate for Roundtrips apply only if you make both trips' reservations through our website at once. The special rate does not apply for bookings via phones or urgent reservations booked within 24 hours of the departure time.

    We now offer Share-A-Ride services from/to Airport-Pattaya Hotels!!

    You can now enjoy Share-A-Ride service where passengers on the same flight can share a ride from/to Pattaya and Airport with much cost effective rates. Click here for more information! ALL PATTAYA CATBUS (Japanese Only for now)

    Car Types

    You can select various types of cars depending on how many people traveling with what kind of purpose


    This is the most basic Sedan suitable for up to 3 persons with moderate amount of luggage.

    Sedan VIP

    This is more of a luxuary car you can enjoy comfortable ride. You can also enjoy WIFI services (Optional)


    Suitable for travelers with a lot of luggages. Can fit up to 4-persons but it would not be so roomy.


    Max seating up to 9-persons, with golf bags up to 4-6 persons. Perfect for sightseeing with a big group.

    Minibus VIP

    Toyota Commuter altered to VIP spec to fit up to 9 persons. You may enjoy WIFI services here as well (Optional).

    There will be cases where the cars you selected will be upgraded without notice. If you do not wish to have your car upgraded, please let us know in advance.

    Early-morning and Late-night Charges

    Extra 100THB will be cahrged if the pick-up time is arranged from am00:00 to am06:00. There will be a 100THB if the change of reservation is made more than three times.

    ■ Stand-by and Extension
    There will be 100THB/h (200THB/h for Minibus) if there is a need to let the driver wait in the car. If there is no booking with a stop-over or standby specified in advance, 200THB/h will be charged (300THB/h for Minibus)
    Please note this charge is not considered as tip. If you know your plans ahead of time please let us know at the time of booking. We might not be able to take your request if changes at the last minute are made or if you need the driver to be on stand-by for a long time.


    Cancellation will be free if you call or e-mail before 24 hours from the pick-up time. There will be 100% cancellation fee if it is requested in less than 24 hours of the pick-up time. Cancellation and re-booking will be considered as a "change" of reservation. (1-2 hours of change may be arranged for free, you can try calling us to see what we can do.) If you cannot find our driver but do not call us and decide to get on another taxi, we will still charge you cancellation fee.

    If you book to use the special rate for round-trips and want to cancel in less than 24 hours of the pick-up time, the booking will be cancelled for both trips even when you want o cancel one-way, and please note the cancellation charges will apply in both trips.

    Click here for cancellation steps

    Meeting Your Driver

    During the peak seasons or Japanese holiday seasons, there will be a lot of drivers from other agencies in the same spot. Please wait near the Gate 3 on Level 2. Our driver might be on another floor looking for you. If you cannot meet up with the driver, please give us a call. If you cannot give us call and end up getting no rides, there will still be a 100% cancellation fee. If you do not carry a cell phone, there are pay phones available at 5THB. Please make sure you give us a call.
    If the meeting place is at a hotel, please wait at the lobby. There are cases where the hotel concierge might say "Your driver has left, we will need you to use our taxi instead." Our drivers will never leave unless the customer tells them to. If you cannot find the driver, please inform us so we could track them as soon as possible.


    1. Please have your correct fare ready in cash. There are drivers who do not carry small changes.
    2. If you do not carry Thai Baht on the way to the Airport and wish to exchange at the Airport, there may be extra charges for the driver to wait in the Airport Parking Lot. Please do not pay the driver on the road and make sure the payment is made inside of the vihicles. This is because the drivers are not supposed to be on stand-by where they drop you off. If the security finds the drivers are on standby, there will be a fine (usually 500THB) charged. There might be cases of police checks and the driver may not be allowed to enter the Departure Gate area and need to drop you off at the Parking Lot.


    You can have your Receipt printed out on My Page. There is a button for printing your receipt.


    We tell our drivers not to request for tips. Even if they ask for tips, there is no need for you to pay. If you feel the transportation was worth a gratitude, please feel free to do so :)

    Making Multiple Drop-Offs

    If you wish our driver to drop you off at more than 2 different spots, additional 100THB will be charged for each stop. There are cases where we charge extra even the stops are within Pattaya City, you may please contact us for more information.
    Especially for Bangkok, there will be a heavy traffic jam from late afternoon. It often takes close to 2 hours from where you enter Bangkok to your final destination. Depending on the distance, time, and disctric, if you request to make more than 2-3 stops, additional 100-500THB will be charged. Last but not least, there are cases where we cannot offer our standard price depending on the time and destination, even if your destination is within Bangkok. In such cases we will contact you to discuss further once the booking is made.

    VIP Vihicles

    In normal taxi or limousine services, you can only find out what type of cars will take you to places, but now you get to select at the time of reservation! If you are travelling with an important client, or if you just want to make your trip more comfortable, additional 200THB (one way), 400THB for Minibus (i.e. Airport - Pattaya, Pattaya - Bangkok) Of course, there are cases where Camri or Commuter will pick you up without your request, but if you do request in advance, we will make sure the right kind of vihicle will be there for you. VIP Sedan will be a classy Camri, and VIP Minibus will be the new Commuter.
    You can now enjoy WIFI service in VIP vihicles. If you need, please let us know at the time of booking.

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